From 02.06.24 to 15.06.24
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About the trophy

A prestigious regatta warrants an exceptional trophy so none other than Garrard, former Crown Jeweller to the British Royal family, has designed and created the unique award for this unrivalled sporting event.
From the very beginning of this new yacht racing series, Richard Mille wanted to create a trophy that would match the distinction of this event and its competitors.

Standing at one metre high and crafted from sterling silver, the Richard Mille Cup is a breath-taking blend of contemporary design and classic workmanship. The silverware’s composition takes inspiration from the elegance of the yachts that will compete for it and shows detailed sails in the wind, hovering majestically above breaking waves.
About Garrard
Not only is Garrard renowned for working on the Crown Jewells but it also has a rich heritage of iconic sporting trophies, including horseracing’s Ascot Gold Cup, Golf’s British Masters Trophy, the Cricket World Cup and, of course, sailing’s America's Cup.